the oldest luxury hotels & restaurants in wyoming



The Irma Hotel: One of the oldest luxury hotels in Wyoming, The Irma has been serving meals and hosting lodgers since 1902. Located in Cody, WY. Phone: (307) 527-7666

The Wort Hotel: Established in 1941 and recently refurbished to its original elegance, The Wort Hotel is one of the classic luxury resorts located in Jackson Hole, Wy. Phone: (307) 732-3955

Café Genevieve: Café Genevieve is a locally owned and operated restaurant located inside the historic Spark Building in Jackson Hole, Wy. Phone: (307) 201-1416

The Historic Occidental Hotel & Saloon: Built in 1880 and lovingly restored to its former glory, The Historic Occidentalian hotel provides luxurious accommodation alongside a unique saloon atmosphere! Located in Cody ,WY .Phone: (307) 587-3107

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Photo:  Irma Hotel By Robert Alescio – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,